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Is blogging the bane of your working life?


Are you a wedding professional who is tired after a big summer of weddings?

And dreading blogging all of those weddings?

Are you struggling to muster the enthusiasm to write another blog post about a client’s wedding because

– you’re too knackered
– you want to spend time with your family
– can’t remember what your friends look like
– you need to concentrate on next year’s marketing strategy


As much as you love your clients, blogging is the last thing to be done before you close their file.
And yet, you need to blog so that they can see their wedding proudly displayed
Fellow wedding suppliers can see what you’ve been up to
AND you need the Google juice


You feel guilty every time you look at your task list and blogging gets shuffled to the bottom. Again.


Just like everything else about running your own business,
it’s your job and only you can do it.


Until now.


Imagine a week when you don’t have to blog. Actually, imagine a life where you don’t have to blog.

Your blog posts are written for you, based on interviews with your clients or fellow suppliers.  Your photos are also selected for you, unless you want to choose them.

They’re published to WordPress, scheduled when you want. Just like clockwork.

And best of all, your posts are SEO optimised for maximum traffic from your target market.

Week on week, your blog posts build your website into an even stronger magnet for new inquiries and bookings. All with very little effort from you.

So that you can just concentrate on strategy, customer service and catching up on sleep.
In other words, building your business and having a life just the way
you imagined when you started being your own boss.

Would you like that?

Sounds great. How does that work?


Hi, I’m Rebecca Portsmouth and I was a wedding photographer for 15 years. So I know the UK wedding industry and what it takes to build a solo business that relies heavily on online marketing – SEO and social media.

I built a solid online presence through a love of marketing and writing skills from a former journalism career, appearing for target search terms in my niche.

And now the skills that hit those marketing goals are available to you.

I believe in solid content with character, soul and freshness, built on conversations with other human beings. Blog posts and other content is interview based, so that you know it is original (no-one serving you with a take-down notice in your future) and optimised for search terms.


Get started with a strategy call + 3 blog posts
  • Phone/Skype consultation re marketing/SEO/blogging goals
  • Three phone/Skype interviews with clients or wedding suppliers
  • Three 300-500 word search-optimised blog posts written + ready to publish
  • 15-25 photos for each post chosen, renamed + alt-tagged for search



Email or call me to talk about how we might work together. The above pricing is to give you a ballpark idea of costs. I’m also happy to put together bespoke pricing and payment plans depending on what you and your business needs.

All the details are on the Contact page.