Newborn portraits | Rory

I had the pleasure of photographing Lynsey and Craig’s wedding last year – and was excited to meet their baby Rory for his newborn portraits, aged 12 days. Guarding the new arrival was Angel Cakes the German Shepherd.
london newborn portrait at home

And given that she pre-dated Rory as the first member of Lynsey and Craig’s family – her own portrait.

london pet portrait - german shepherd or alsation

There were lots of signs of a baby:  cards, balloons, new toys … and a tired dad.

London portrait of dad of newbornLondon newborn portrait photographer - baby cards And here he is – on his own, with mum, dad and together. The second one was especially taken for Lynsey, as she described his hand movements while sleeping as ‘casting spells’.

London newborn portrait - baby boy with dadLondon newborn portrait - baby boy with dadLondon newborn portrait - baby boy with dadLondon newborn portrait - baby and parentsLondon newborn portrait - baby and parentsLondon newborn portrait - baby and parents London newborn portrait - baby and motherLondon newborn portrait - baby asleepLondon newborn portrait - mother and babyLondon newborn portrait - sleeping babyLondon newborn portrait - son and father And finally, Rory visits his local so landlady Judi can have a cuddle (note dad Craig and Judi’s husband propping up the bar behind) and his parents can have a meal without cooking.

London newborn photo


Wimbledon family portraits | Monica and family

Monica wanted some casual photos of her family taken in the park near their Wimbledon home to capture where her children spend so much of their life, as well as having a more formal portraits for a grandparent’s 80th birthday present.
We started with a family group.

Wimbledon family portraitsThen moved onto the important task of Jedi warfare. Wimbledon family portraits - sword fighting

Wimbledon family portriats - jedi knights fightingNext up, some running along favourite paths and scooter action.

Wimbledon family portraits

Wimbledon child portraitThe games don’t stop: girls versus boys in trying to get to the other side of the square without being caught.

Wimbledon family portraits

Wimbledon family portraitsThe wonder of a bug … but if you put your arms like THIS (Jedi warrior stance, obviously), you are safe.

Wimbledon child portraitA hill means running, if you’re a small boy.

Wimbledon child portraitOr a bit of a meander in your favourite stripey socks. London family portraits Amazing how tiring this all is.

Wimbledon family portraits

Wimbledon child portraitAll too soon, it was time to collect our belongings and return home.

Wimbledon family photographer

Wimbledon family photographer

Finishing the afternoon with Looney Tunes cartoons on the TV and Hula Hoops on the fingers.

Wimbledon lifestyle photographer

Small people and sunshine

I last saw Peter and Amanda several years ago when their son Henry was a baby. Now they have baby Sasha and Henry is very much a young man, seriously interested in sticks, transformers and investigating locked gates. We got together this morning before his school sports day in Dulwich, taking some relaxed family group photos. Children are usually a delight to photograph anyway, but when they are playing and cuddling with the rest of their family, it’s really special. I often wonder how treasured those photographs will be in the future for the children themselves.

Chelsea baby portraits | Thea

Almost five years ago exactly, I was photographing Patrick on his first birthday. Now he’s running around with a Nintendo game … and it was his sister Thea’s turn this week on HER first birthday in Chelsea. What’s amazing is how similar they look at the same age. Here are a few from their session which are going into a feature album with one selected as a large wall portrait.
Chelsea family portraits

Chelsea baby portraits

Chelsea baby portraits

Chelsea baby portraits

Chelsea family photographer

Chelsea family portraits

Chelsea portrait photographers

Kensington baby portraits

Kensington portrait photographer

Newborn portraits | my new niece

I’ve just returned from a short break with family which included visiting my three-day-old niece in Gloucestershire, the daughter of my sister Kirsty. She is yet to be named, but since her grandma was visiting from Australia, there were some official portraits taken with daddy Blair and big sister Matilda Rose. I especially love the photographs of Matilda and the new arrival because my earliest memories were of meeting Kirsty, who is 3.5 years younger, wrapped in a similar cotton baby blanket when she arrived home from hospital.

Newborn portrait wrapped in blanket



Hafford-109-11 Hafford-109-10


London family portraits | Beatrice

I photographed Emma and Tim’s wedding six years ago in June. They’re the loveliest couple and we’ve stayed in touch since we lived in Limehouse/Wapping and now I’m in Greenwich and they’re in Herne Hill. We met last week for a London family portrait session with their daughter Beatrice who is about three months old. They’d just returned from 10 days in Venice, where they had honeymooned – and apparently Beatrice was welcomed with open arms across the city by beaming residents, wherever they went.
And Beatrice is very, very cute, especially in this family chair.
London family portraits
London family portraits
London family portraits
And we had some portraits of Emma and Beatrice together, athough missed out on portraits with dad, as tiredness had set in. But that did give me a chance to see Emma & Tim’s photographs from Venice – stored on a lovely wireless server – showing what an IT whizz Tim really is, as well as a reminder of when I went there about a year ago.
London baby portraits