Naked Voices album artwork

I’ve been asked to provide a photograph of cherries to represent the singers of acapella singing group Naked Voices with a triangle of 16 cherries for the front and a single one on the reverse. The group is singing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August – and this CD will be about half a dozen songs recorded in the last couple of weeks. Below are some ideas for how the images might be presented. Can’t wait to hear the album – it includes a version of “In These Shoes” which is a song I love.Naked Voices CD cover

Vincent and Flavia Tango

I’ve just spent a long weekend visiting Southport to dance with more than 1000 modern jivers. I didn’t even know I was going until a ticket became available late on Wednesday night and was confirmed on Thursday. There was frantic packing ready for a train on Friday and it was the most wonderful weekend. Vincent and Flavia from Strictly Come Dancing were teaching Argentine Tango and a number of other ballroom dances. A couple of West Coast Swing teachers visited from the US – they were so fast and stylish – wow!Vincent and Flavia tango

The weekend ticket was arranged by a friend Nick, from Exeter, who had also arranged the trip for more than 20 people across about six adjoining chalets, complete with catering. It was his 30th birthday on Friday, so his Exeter friends had joined together and bought him a private lesson with Vincent and Flavia as a surprise. What was even more surprising was that during Saturday night’s cabaret when some of the teachers performed routines, Flavia asked Nick into the floor for a tango in front of the crowd. He said later that he hadn’t danced tango for months – and if he’d known, he would have put in a couple of lessons to get his basics up to scratch. It was great to capture his face – both during the lesson and during the cabaret. He did so very well – in the lesson and in the cabaret.

I had a brilliant weekend, staying up until 5am on Sunday – and with so many dreamy dances they all rolled into a happy blur! There were three rooms where you could dance: a main one with fairly popular music, a latin room and blues room, with slower, more playful music – so you could move between the three.

Below are Nick and Flavia in his lesson and during the cabaret & some of the other cabaret performances.

Flavia tango

Vincent and Flavia tango


It’s weird that a few days I thought spring was on its way (the daffodils are in full flower) and this morning when I woke up, everything I could see out the window was covered in thick snow. I took some photographs, then dressed and went to Greenwich, which was even more stunning.
Sir Walter Raleigh seemed distinctly unimpressed.

This local lovely couple was taking the opportunity to photograph themselves.

Water features were frozen.

Plants had a shock.

Snowballs were thrown.

The view was silent.

But you could hear a flautist at Trinity College of Music practising Peter and the Wolf.

Photographer link-up

I stay in touch with international wedding and portrait trends through the Digital Wedding Forum. It’s a great place to discuss techniques, new products and share what photographs we’re taking. It’s also a great place to meet other photographers – quite a number from around London find an excuse to get together three or four times a year, although the last major gathering included two from Yorkshire, the DWF boss Jeff Caplan and Aussie photographer Marcus Bell. Today, Charlotte Geary, from the US and her British husband Mike were in a very foggy London before they visit Mike’s parents in Somerset. We did the traditional thing of meeting at the four-sided clock in the middle of Waterloo Station’s concourse, then grabbed a pizza. By the time we’d finished, the sun was pretty much on the way down and Charlotte was keen to capture it disappearing behind London Eye and the Houses of Parliament.

We walked to Covent Garden in search of coffee (which we found at Suburb) and on the way Mike was apprehended by a street performer and ‘forced’ to do press-ups in front of the crowd as part of the show. Charlotte captured the event in video on her point and shoot camera, which will probably make it to the forum.

After essential visits to Neals Yard and Seven Dials for its Christmas decorations, Charlotte & Mike were introduced to Muji and we visited the National Portrait Gallery for the photographic portrait competition winners & finalists on display. I liked about four out of the entire exhibition and Charlotte & Mike were similar – although they were a different four and for different reasons. It seemed a shame that the photograph of David Bailey – who has such a fabulous face – was pretty much ruined by a distracting light shining on one side of the background.

Daisy Cakes and Treacle

I ‘found’ the most exquisite cake shop today in Greenwich. I say ‘found’ … but it wasn’t lost and apparently has been in the same place down the side of the market for eight months. Daisy Cakes Bake Shop is full of really pretty girly things like cake plates, flowery aprons, pink kitchen accessories and sweeties. They also do the most fabulous looking cakes. There is one in the shop’s album and on its web site of a cabbage that I adore. It’s also apparent that there are a number of stories behind some of the other cakes. They sell cup cakes on weekends, I guess in a similar way to Treacle in Columbia Road.

London Open House

Habitat stores are handing out brochures on London Open House which runs over the weekend of September 16 and 17. Unfortunately, I’m working all that weekend, but it’s the most amazing event, with 600 public and private buildings all over the city open to the public. I used to go every year for about four years and it’s a must-see if you’re into great design and architecture. The buildings are split into boroughs, so if you just want to put aside a couple of hours locally, you can simply visit what is close to you. You can see more info at OpenHouse.