Brighton engagement portraits | Liz & Craig

I’ve finished editing Liz & Craig’s engagement portraits from Brighton and here are my remaining favourites. I hope these portraits will help them keep the Brighton vibe until their wedding there in September next year. I especially like the deckchair ones because Liz and Craig said they imagined being an old couple one day, holding hands on the pier.
Brighton Pier engagement portraits

Brighton engagement portraits

Brighton engagement portraits alongside pier

Engagement portraits

Seascape engagement portraits

Seaside engagement portraits in Brighton

Brighton pre-wedding shoot portraits

Brighton Pier couple portraits

Wimbledon family portraits | Monica and family

Monica wanted some casual photos of her family taken in the park near their Wimbledon home to capture where her children spend so much of their life, as well as having a more formal portraits for a grandparent’s 80th birthday present.
We started with a family group.

Wimbledon family portraitsThen moved onto the important task of Jedi warfare. Wimbledon family portraits - sword fighting

Wimbledon family portriats - jedi knights fightingNext up, some running along favourite paths and scooter action.

Wimbledon family portraits

Wimbledon child portraitThe games don’t stop: girls versus boys in trying to get to the other side of the square without being caught.

Wimbledon family portraits

Wimbledon family portraitsThe wonder of a bug … but if you put your arms like THIS (Jedi warrior stance, obviously), you are safe.

Wimbledon child portraitA hill means running, if you’re a small boy.

Wimbledon child portraitOr a bit of a meander in your favourite stripey socks. London family portraits Amazing how tiring this all is.

Wimbledon family portraits

Wimbledon child portraitAll too soon, it was time to collect our belongings and return home.

Wimbledon family photographer

Wimbledon family photographer

Finishing the afternoon with Looney Tunes cartoons on the TV and Hula Hoops on the fingers.

Wimbledon lifestyle photographer

Brighton engagement portraits | Craig & Liz

Yesterday’s engagement portraits with London couple Craig and Liz were in Brighton – one of their favourite places and somewhere they steal away when they can.  They wanted to show the fun in their relationship – hence meeting on Brighton Pier. Here is a preview of three – more to come next week when all the portraits have been edited.
Brighton engagement portraits on deckchairs

Brighton engagement portraits under pier

Brighton pre-wedding shoot under pier

Small people and sunshine

I last saw Peter and Amanda several years ago when their son Henry was a baby. Now they have baby Sasha and Henry is very much a young man, seriously interested in sticks, transformers and investigating locked gates. We got together this morning before his school sports day in Dulwich, taking some relaxed family group photos. Children are usually a delight to photograph anyway, but when they are playing and cuddling with the rest of their family, it’s really special. I often wonder how treasured those photographs will be in the future for the children themselves.

London engagement portraits | Ruth & Bruce

Here is a full blog of Ruth and Bruce’s London engagement portraits on the South Bank.  What was especially fun with the shoot was the randomness that strangers can create in portraits.  Much of the time, strangers are very polite and will wait for you to take a photograph before they walk in between you and the subjects, which can be lovely, and sometimes it’s just fun if they don’t see what’s going on and just want to whizz by on their scooter.
One of the locations featured in these portraits is an absolute fave for Bruce and he was very excited when we were there. If you think you might know which location and perhaps why, do please post in the comments – I’d love to hear from you.London engagement portraits - South Bank Centre

South Bank engagement portraits - OXO Tower courtyard

London engagement portraits on South Bank

National Film Theatre engagement portraits

London engagement portraits - near Queen Elizabeth Hall

London engagement portraits - near Queen Elizabeth Hall

London engagement portraits - near Royal Festival Hall

London engagement portraits - near Royal Festival Hall

London engagement portraits - near Skylon on south bank

London engagement portraits on Embankment bridge

London engagement portraits near Embankment bridge

London engagement portraits | Ruth and Bruce | A single

Ruth and Bruce are getting married in nine weeks, so we spent a few hours yesterday afternoon on their central London engagement portraits. Our meandering took us past the restaurant where they had one of their first dates and where Bruce proposed. I’ll post a selection of their images later in the week, but for now, here is a single from their session.
London engagement portraits