On-line magazine publishes photographs

Dulwich OnView, the new on-line magazine with news from Dulwich, today published a story by Anna Sayburn with my photographs taken a couple of weeks ago. The story and photographs tell the story behind the scenes with an exhibition – and the work that goes into simply transporting and hanging paintings. It’s rather fun to see my work in a different arena, and the magazine committee has a load of ideas for future stories.

Inspiration from the past

This week I took time out to look at the Wallace Collection in central London. It’s a fabulous collection of paintings and other art works inside a wonderfully decorated house. I’ve never seen wallpaper like it – one room is entirely mauve self-stripes and another is a patterned emerald green and black. In display cases covered with protective leather flaps, there was a collection of portrait miniatures, several inches high. There were also stunning illuminated letters … oh, and the restaurant does a mean cream tea! But seriously, the paintings are wonderful, and include works by Reynolds and Vigee Le Brun.

Sunrise Sunset

Having had an early night last night, I woke up today early enough to see the sunrise. It looked so stunning and the nip in the air means that autumn is on its way.

The day finished with jazz and croquet at Dulwich Picture Gallery, at an event run by the gallery Friends.

Avant garde wedding prize

I found out in today’s post that I’ve won an award of excellence in Avant Garde Wedding category at the British Professional Photography Awards. The awards are run once a year by the British Institute of Professional Photography and the Master Photographers Association – the two main UK professional photographic organisations covering portraits and weddings. An award of excellence is like being given a silver medal – there are only three awards given in each category. The awards are presented at a ceremony next month.

Studio lights

This weekend I got some studio lights. Untiil now, I’ve been working with daylight coming in the big door at one end of the studio. This is fine right now, but with winter and the accompanying dark coming, this will mean that I can shoot anytime. I can’t wait to work with more clients and the new set-up.

Greenwich Park tree walk

Greenwich Park’s assistant manager Stuart Goldworthy ran a two-hour walk about trees today – so in theory, I can now tell the difference between the Sessile Oak and the English or Common Oak (the sessile ones have a stalk on their leaves – the English leaves don’t). It was fascinating, although it’s a pretty small beginning with more than 4000 trees in more than 400 types. About 25 people went along – including Elaine Warrell from the park’s Friends and the Royal Parks Community Ecologist Nigel Reeve, who had a lot to say about ladybirds, moths and bats.

Below: the two oak leaves & Stuart compares cedars.