Greenwich photographer Rebecca Portsmouth

I take photographs to show people’s beauty and love. Portraits, weddings, christenings, family gatherings and celebrations – they’re what I love to capture so that clients can keep those moments and connections.

I believe in craftsmanship. I believe photographers have an obligation to produce images that will stand the test of time. In 15 years as a full-time professional photographer, this has meant travelling to Australia and the US to learn, being mentored by world-class photographers and gaining a Fellowship with the Master Photographers Association.

I believe in treating clients with kindness, professionalism and doing my best to understand what they want their photographs to show. I care who people are, rather than their age, profession or other labels.

I am inspired daily by the artistry of portrait painters like Gainsborough and Thomas Lawrence, the creativity of Instagram and the kindness and thoughtfulness of others.

In no particular order, I like mangos, Rothko paintings, cashmere, lapsang souchong tea in the afternoon, Pink Martini and snoozing. And suspending the realities of physics for a moment, the glass is always half full.

If this sounds like the kind of photographer you would like to work with, or even if you’re just exploring the idea for now, ¬†please get in touch.¬†