Holy Trinity Christening photographer

I wanted to share with you a Holy Trinity Christening photography book which has just gone out to clients. Tiffany’s parents arranged her Christening at Holy Trinity and St Saviour on Sloane Street, knowing it was opposite the jewellery store of the same name.
The book’s cover is a photograph of her second outfit for the day – a gold-bodiced dress and matching shoes, which she wore for the reception, after being dressed in a white Christening gown for the service itself. The lovely and personal service was by Rev. Rob Gillion, who was exceptionally kind to Tiffany and her family, making her giggle and laugh throughout.

Holy Trinity Christening photographer: service with Rev Rob Gillion - Sloane Street, Chelsea, London

I love the candle-lighting part of a Christening – it’s symbolic and beautiful.

Christening at Holy Trinity Chelsea - the Christening candle is lit and shared by the godparents.

After the Holy Trinity Christening and Tiffany had received her Certificate of Baptism, we went outside for some family group portraits in front of Holy Trinity’s beautiful architecture designed by John Dando Sedding.

Holy Trinity Christening: minister performs baptism at Holy Trinity Sloane Street, Chelsea, London by photographer Rebecca Portsmouth

Tiffany’s family couldn’t resist walking across the road to Tiffany and Co. for photographs outside the store. While we were there, two staff members came outside to present a bottle of champagne in celebration.

London Christening photographer Rebecca Portsmouth captures Tiffany and Co. presents Christening celebratory bottle of champagne.

One of the things I love to do at a Christening, is get a portrait of the parents together by themselves. I also photograph details such as the shoes, cake or carefully-chosen accessories.

Christening photographer family portraits and details - Christening robe, dress and shoes.

Here the family is at the Le Chinois Restaurant at the Millennium Hotel on Sloane Street, during the celebratory meal.  Tiffany sits on her father’s knee, sharing his food as she does when the family has its evening meal at home. Their celebration ends the 20-spread book, which Tiffany’s family had made in a 12×12″ size.

London Christening photographer - album of christening or baptism photographs to capture the day



Greek Orthodox Christening book

I wanted to share the Greek Orthodox Christening book from Nicholas’ Christening at Christ the Saviour  Church in Welling.  It tells the story of the day so well and includes all the details that his mother and family arranged as well as formal portraits of the godparents and family. The cover has a classic, white theme chosen by Nicholas’ mother Cleo featuring his Christening clothes and cross.

Christening book cover with date and white Christening clothes and cross from Christ the Saviour church

It starts with details of Christ the Saviour church, including its carved wooden chairs, the greenery surrounding it in Welling and the priest preparing for the Christening, then switches to the family arriving. Christening album featuring St Saviour Greek Orthodox Church and surroundsNicholas and his family arriving at St Saviour's Greek Orthodox Church in Welling, south London

Here is Nicholas’ special clothes – those he will be Christened in and which will absorb the oil he is anointed with – then those he will wear afterwards. On the right is a portrait of him and his mother Cleo before the Christening started.

Christening clothes and shoes and mother and son portrait with candles

Here are a few pages from the Christening itself featuring the godparents and Nicholas being put into the font, filled with warm water.

Photographs from Greek Orthodox Christening at St Saviour's in Welling, London UKst-saviour-greek-orthodox-06

The book then switches to the reception, hosted at Cleo’s parents home, where she had been preparing for days. Cleo had a turtle theme with a large turtle cake as the feature and a selection of cupcakes with miniature turtles on the top of their icing. Turtle mugs and jars with turtle charms were given away as favours.

Christening reception details with a green turtle theme - cupcakes with turtles

The remainder of the book had black and white reportage photographs of the Christening celebrations and ended with some of the family groups.

Family Christening reception - black and white photographs Greek Orthodox Christening - family group portraits and everyone shot