Newborn portraits | Rory

I had the pleasure of photographing Lynsey and Craig’s wedding last year – and was excited to meet their baby Rory for his newborn portraits, aged 12 days. Guarding the new arrival was Angel Cakes the German Shepherd.
london newborn portrait at home

And given that she pre-dated Rory as the first member of Lynsey and Craig’s family – her own portrait.

london pet portrait - german shepherd or alsation

There were lots of signs of a baby:  cards, balloons, new toys … and a tired dad.

London portrait of dad of newbornLondon newborn portrait photographer - baby cards And here he is – on his own, with mum, dad and together. The second one was especially taken for Lynsey, as she described his hand movements while sleeping as ‘casting spells’.

London newborn portrait - baby boy with dadLondon newborn portrait - baby boy with dadLondon newborn portrait - baby boy with dadLondon newborn portrait - baby and parentsLondon newborn portrait - baby and parentsLondon newborn portrait - baby and parents London newborn portrait - baby and motherLondon newborn portrait - baby asleepLondon newborn portrait - mother and babyLondon newborn portrait - sleeping babyLondon newborn portrait - son and father And finally, Rory visits his local so landlady Judi can have a cuddle (note dad Craig and Judi’s husband propping up the bar behind) and his parents can have a meal without cooking.

London newborn photo


London maternity portraits | G

G has just given me permission to show some of her maternity portraits taken a few weeks ago. She and her husband A took a lot of time planning their session and came in for a consultation a week ahead of their portrait session, so they could maximise their session time & best choose what to bring with them. The first three used drapes from the studio.London maternity portraits

London professional pregnancy photos
London maternity portraits
G brought her wedding veil, with its delicate softness and wonderful draping qualities.
London maternity portraits
She had also raided one of my favourite Soho fabric shops for some translucent material which also draped wonderfully, giving us a range of new lines. This is my fave from this session.
London maternity portraits

This portrait is especially abstract, meaning that it could be hung in many areas of the home. It would look especially good as either a framed art print or as a box frame or canvas.

London maternity portraits | Gretchen

When Gretchen booked her maternity portraits for some pregnancy photography, and I gave her the studio address, it turns out that we had been neighbours and she, her husband and dog used to live upstairs until a few months ago. Here are some photographs from their London session that they’re very happy to share.
London pregnancy photography

London pregnancy portraits and maternity photos

London maternity photographer