London family portraits | Islington

I photographed Jo and Manoj’s wedding about six years ago and since then, they’ve had two delightful daughters – Isabel and Ava. We recently did some family portraits of them in and near their London home in Islington.  They had a selection of reportage style photographs of them reading stories and playing games and and some more formal portraits of them in a nearby park.  Here are some of my favourites.

Small people and sunshine

I last saw Peter and Amanda several years ago when their son Henry was a baby. Now they have baby Sasha and Henry is very much a young man, seriously interested in sticks, transformers and investigating locked gates. We got together this morning before his school sports day in Dulwich, taking some relaxed family group photos. Children are usually a delight to photograph anyway, but when they are playing and cuddling with the rest of their family, it’s really special. I often wonder how treasured those photographs will be in the future for the children themselves.

Beach photographs

I’ve just been visiting Felixstowe, doing some product shots for a very talented woman who makes beaded earrings – as well as capturing her and her family. We were on the beach just up the road from her home this afternoon doing some Suffolk beach portraits – this is Lorna & her partner Toby.
Suffolk beach portraits
Suffolk beach portraits

Yesterday, we shot some of Lorna’s earrings in the natural environment which inspires her. Every background was tried – I especially like the matt beaded earrings draped on teasel bushes with the beach behind – even attempting to be a mountain goat to get the photograph I wanted. Lorna has especially strong memories of the earrings hanging, almost camouflaged on wooden beach supports; while she was putting them there, a rogue wave tried to wash the earrings away, but only managed to wet her jeans and shoes; there was no way she was letting go of her precious jewellry!

We also had the chance to capture Lorna’s two children, Maya and Johanna at the beach.

Suffolk beach portraits
Suffolk beach portraits

London family portraits – Mimi and family

Ros, David, Mimi and Dora came into the studio today for their first sitting as a family of four. Dora is four months old and just adorable – she smiles if you get up very close to her face or in a mirror. Mimi is a bundle of fun too – with great dress sense. We started with Ros playing ‘flying baby’, Mimi being tipped upside by her dad, stopped for a break while Dora had an early lunch then Mimi did some drawing. She was wearing brand new pink shoes – the only colour she would even contemplate when in the shoe shop yesterday!