Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn wedding | Catherine and Nigel

Arsenal football team played a huge part in Catherine & Nigel’s wedding on Saturday. She and her dad took 10 minutes out before the ceremony to have some photographs taken there (he introduced her to the game and the team) as well as using some Banksie graffiti art opposite for a non-traditional bridal portrait. Afterwards, Catherine & Nigel took a short walk through Highbury Fields near where they live for some more photographs, then we went to their reception was at the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn. There were a mass of roses in one corner of the grounds – the really old fashioned ones that smell heavenly and are huge. They made a great backdrop.

At their reception, guests had Patisserie Valerie chocolate cakes as dessert – well chosen by chocoholic Nigel, who also received six-kilogram bar of chocolate from his new father-in-law as a welcoming present. In return, he received a large canvas of Arsenal players in action – a wonderfully caught moment (I must explain here that although it was clearly a brilliant photograph, I have no idea who the players are, since I’m afraid I’m not as devoted as Catherine & Nigel).