Greenwich Registry Office wedding photographer | Petra + Duncan

It’s such a thrill as a Greenwich Registry Office wedding photographer to meet a couple on their wedding day – see what they’re wearing, which guests they have chosen, their flowers and other finishing touches.

Petra and Duncan had agreed not to see each other before their civil wedding ceremony, so Duncan and his best man arrived at Victoria Hall first. They love the building, so while they waited, I photographed them as well as details of the hall such as the pink and white painted ceiling, wonderfully restored.

Petra arrived with her best friends, giggling and excited about the wedding. Staff snuck her into a side room near the registry office so that Duncan wouldn’t spot her. He also had helpfully sat with his back to the main doorway of Woolwich Town Hall – what a clever groom!

The Royal Borough of Greenwich Town Hall reflected in a modern glass building opposite
The main entrance steps to the Royal Borough of Greenwich's Victoria Hall, where civil marriage ceremonies take place.
The pink and white painted ceiling of Victoria Hall in Woolwich, SE18, London, home of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and where civil wedding ceremonies take place.
A white rose buttonhole of the best man at Petra and Duncan's wedding at Victoria Hall at the Royal Borough of Greenwich's Victoria Hall in Woolwich.
Groom Duncan and his best man wait for the bride in the Royal Borough of Greenwich's Victoria Hall in Woolwich.
Groom Duncan waits for his bride Petra in the historic Royal Borough of Greenwich's Victoria Hall in Woolwich.
Groom Duncan and his best man wait for bride Petra in Victoria Hall, Woolwich, SE18

We did a quick portrait of Petra and her two best friends on the steps of Woolwich Town Hall

A bride and her bridesmaids arrive at Woolwich Town Hall for her Greenwich Register Office wedding ceremony.
A bride and her bridesmaids outside Woolwich Town Hall's Victoria Hall - home of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and where the bride was getting married.
A bride and her bridesmaids enter Woolwich Town Hall, home of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, to hide from the groom before the civil wedding ceremony, photographed by Greenwich Registry Office wedding photographer Rebecca Portsmouth.
A bride and her white wedding bouquet at Victoria Hall in the Woolwich Town Hall, home of Greenwich Registry Office.

Petra settles down to wait until her wedding ceremony in this office. Every bride needs access to a photocopier just before they walk down the aisle, right?

Petra and her bridesmaids are settled.
A groom waiting in the Victoria Hall, Woolwich before his civil registry office wedding.

After a bit of an unscheduled wait – the registrars are running late – we’re off. Duncan goes into the ceremony room with the wedding rings and Petra waits just outside.

Bride waiting in Greenwich's Victoria Hall before her Greenwich Registry Office wedding.
Two wedding rings on a ring pillow at Petra and Duncan's Greenwich Registry Office wedding ceremony at Victoria Hall, Woolwich Town Hall
The bride with her bouquet - waiting to go into the ceremony room at Woolwich Town Hall in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.
Groom waiting for his bride at his Royal Borough of Greenwich civil marriage ceremony.
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Westminster Register Office | London wedding photos | Nicola and Anthony

After a long time away from the blog due to my shoulder injury, I’m catching up on weddings, starting with Nicola and Anthony, who married in the Purple Room at Westminster Register Office purple last month. Waiting for Nicola were her and Anthony’s daughter Ava in the safe arms of grandma and Anthony himself.Westminster Register Office wedding ceremony
Ava’s special dress and shoes were everything a little girl could wish for.
Westminster Register Office bridesmaid dress and shoes
Supporting Anthony while he waited were his two best men.
Groom waiting for bride at Westminster Register Office
Stunning Nicola, on the arm of her father, wore a vintage ’60s bridal gown.
Bride arriving at Westminster Register Office
Some of the ceremony was serious … some was not!
Westminster Register Office ceremony in Purple Room
Purple Room wedding ceremony
Chatting on the way out.
Westminster Registry Office bride and groom
Confetti …
Old Marylebone Town Hall steps wedding photos
… and more confetti on the steps of Westminster Register Office.
Old Marylebone Town Hall steps wedding photo
Spirited to their reception in a Phantom, Nicola & Anthony arrive.
Phantom wedding car
Vintage street wedding portraits
We took some time to make the most of the atmospheric lighting.
Vintage street wedding portraits
A few yards away, we found this lit window, brilliant for the kind of funky portraits Nicola and Anthony had in mind.
Contemporary wedding portraits
And for a photograph of them with their friends, they wanted to recreate the Quadrophenia poster.
Quadrophenia wedding photo
And our session finished for them to join their family and friends in celebration.
Vintage wedding photo - bride and groom

Woolley Grange | wedding photos | Suzanne and Rob

Suzanne and Rob chose the summer solstice for their Woolley Grange wedding yesterday, in a midsummer themed day of celebration with close friends & family. Despite the weather being inappropriately rainy and blustery, the atmosphere of the day was amazing.
Suzanne and Rob had arranged a pink and blue tent for their ceremony, with their flower maidens sprinking rose petals ahead of Suzanne entering the ceremony with her mother. Their ceremony included everyone singing Morning has Broken and What a Wonderful World, and Rob made promises to Suzanne’s daughter Cordelia about caring for her, before she read an extract from The Velveteen Rabbit.

After a few drinks, the party sat down to for a celebration banquet of many courses on a long table set inside another tent. Woolley Grange’s Claire makes final touches to the table settings and a wonderful summery detail – an Emma Bridgewater customised jug.

In between each one, guest names were selected, with each person doing a ‘turn’. They had been ‘warned’ ahead of time this would be happening – some spoke a few words about Suzanne and Rob, some sang and others read poems and played musical instruments. One friend brought his electronic keyboard and played a beautiful piano piece – it was only when he sat down that he mentioned he had composed it especially for the day.

Rob & Suzanne and I ducked out between courses & the rain to catch some photographs of them in the grounds and in their wedding tent. I asked if they would like to dance, and they did so, with Suzanne serenading The Water Is Wide to Rob. It seemed especially fitting, since Rob had earlier sung to Suzanne during the banqueet, after having practised for several months.

When I left at 9pm, the weekend of celebrations, which had started with a cricket match (complete with glassware trophy) on the Friday was in full swing. Staff had lit a fire in the main lounge, a cheese course, coffee and wedding cake were ready and I can only imagine how long the partying continued.

The Goring Hotel wedding | Karin & Kevin

Karin & Kevin married today at Westminster Register Office, followed by drinks & lunch at the Goring Hotel. Karin looked totally stunning and Kevin was suitably sharp, and their daughters Laura and Olivia in a girl’s favourite colour – pink.
One of the most wonderful things about photographing a wedding is the opportunity to capture the joining of two families and the generations and friends around them.
Westminster register Office bride
Westminster register office ceremony in Yellow Room
Westminster Register Office ceremony in Yellow Room
Wedding Guest - Goring Hotel
Goring Hotel wedding reception guest portraitGoring Hotel wedding reception guest portrait
Goring Hotel wedding reception guest portrait
It’s great when, despite no shared language except smiles, this young woman understood where I wanted to shoot this portrait.
Goring Hotel wedding reception guest portrait

Goring Hotel wedding reception guest portrait

And some family portraits.
Westminster Register Office wedding family portrait
Goring Hotel wedding family portrait
Goring Hotel wedding guest portraits

London wedding photos | Reform Club | Lisa and Alan

Hibiscus flowers coloured the champagne today of Lisa and Alan to celebrate their wedding. They arrived at Westminster Register Office ready for their morning ceremony ahead of time. Lisa’s dress was made by her friend Allison Rodger and looked stunning. Her orchid bouquet was arranged by her sister-in-law Marion and she had iced a cake with wonderful details – just right for their eight guests and themselves at the Reform Club, where Alan has been a member for more than 20 years.

When head registrar Alison Cathcart handed over the wedding certificate to Lisa, she said she had something for Alan too … Lisa’s bouquet, which had been next to the register for its signing (not quite what he was expecting!)

Once outside, their family and friends threw heart-shaped confetti, with Lisa’s brother David waiting to check the wind direction before throwing his handful so it exactly hit the couple. We photographed some portraits including the girls and the boys.

Lisa, Alan and their guests travelled to the Reform Club in a limo.

Once there, everyone was offered a very special drink: Lisa had found bottled hibiscus flowers which were placed in the bottom of the glasses, ready for champagne. When the drink was added, it turned pink and made the flower uncurl.

Lisa, Alan and their guests had their wedding breakfast in a room with an eclectic mix of books.