Engagement portraits on London’s South Bank

I had the pleasure of meeting clients Becky & Tom today, who are getting married early in February. Their fave London bridge is Waterloo, so we met there for their engagement portrait session, wandering up to Covent Garden. By this time, the sun was disappearing so we needed other light sources for our shoot. I asked if they were up for the merry-go-round and … you can see the results.

We also sorted out some other spots for “playtime” on the day of their wedding. We’re planning on revisiting Waterloo Bridge and Covent Garden, which is just near their reception venue. I should probably explain that “playtime” is a term for when clients and I find spots with good light and background. They get centre stage where they can be directed or sometimes they just pretend that I’m not even there. It’s usually great fun for all of us and we get some special images.