London marathon & coffee

Photographer friend Helen Bartlett ran London Marathon yesterday and we estimated her ETA about the 10-mile mark, at the end of Deptford High Street. I took a camera – theoretically to photograph her – but as it turned out, missing her completely in the busyness that is tens of thousands of runners. Here are a few of the day. I found out, through the wonder of Twitter and Facebook, that the person inside the bear outfit for Action Medical Research was a fellow photographer from Southampton – Lee Collier (twitter id: @LeeCPhotography). His Twitter stream showed he survived the marathon day.

These two guys are brothers, raising more than £3000 for Action for Kids.

Gentlemen runners in London Marathon

There was at least one casualty from the day.

Afterwards, I went to the nearby Gallop Cafe for some Monmouth Coffee in their art installation style eatery. One of the owners joked yesterday to customers that they used whatever they had to fit it out – “like Wombles” – but the effect is very lovely, clean and chic with items on each white table: mine had a white toy Ferrari and a David Ogilvy biography hardback. The cafe has a  miniature film booth behind a hidden door and is hosting this month’s Deptford Film Club.  The coffee was delicious – had to have a second cappuccino – the cakes looked scrummy and the bread and jam received a huge approval rating from the little girl with long eyelashes sharing a table: she demolished a plateful, leaving her mother a very tiny piece after much negotiation. Thanks to local blogger Deptford Dame for the tip-off about Gallop.

Gallop Cafe coffee