Oaks Farm wedding | Michi + Chur

Michi and Chur’s Oaks Farm wedding was a really thoughtful day with a bringing together of European and Chinese customs and showing off Chur’s design talents and patience.
The day started with Michi getting ready at Oaks Farm in the cottage with her family and friends.

Oaks Farm wedding dress detailWedding veil or vail at Oaks Farm

Bride getting ready at Oaks Farm

Michi’s parents chose to sit calmly outside in the sunshine while most of the getting ready was going on.

Outside Oaks Farm cottageBride getting ready at Oaks Farm

Bride getting ready at Oaks Farm

Oaks Farm wedding bridal portraits

Oaks Farm bride and maid of honour

Meanwhile, in the Victorian barn, the harpist was practising Michi’s entrance music and Chur’s family were putting finishing touches to the floral arrangements.

Harpist plays Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from Solomon by Handel at Oaks Farm wedding


Oaks Farm wedding flowers

Everything was in place for the ceremony – a nervous groom and a nervous best man, who is also getting married this summer.

Oaks Farm wedding ceremonyOaks Farm wedding ceremonyOaks Farm wedding ceremonyOaks Farm wedding ceremonyOaks Farm wedding ceremony

After their ceremony, Michi and Chur went outside for confetti and family congratulations.

Family throws wedding confettiGroom's grandmother congratulates groom at weddingGroom and mother at Oaks Farm weddingGrandfather congratulates groom on marriageGrandfather congratulates bride on marriageChur’s Hong Kong family heritage came into play as he and Michi took part in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony.  In this, the couple show their respect for their elders by serving tea to their parents and grandparents.  It’s also a time for the older generations to give gifts – traditionally in red embellished envelopes and sometimes precious items – in this case a necklace and bracelet for Michi.

Chinese tea ceremony at Oaks FarmChinese tea ceremony at weddingChinese tea ceremony at weddingChinese tea ceremony at weddingChur’s mother mentioned at this point that she would like a grandchild – and a few seconds later, this wish expanded into wanting perhaps four grandchildren – hence Michi’s giggles.

Chinese tea ceremony at weddingChinese tea ceremony at weddingChinese tea ceremony at weddingChinese tea ceremony at wedding

Another of the Chinese traditions at Michi and Chur’s wedding was a red tablelcoth that guests signed as well as a more traditional message book.

Red Chinese tablecloth for signing at Oaks Farm wedding

Michi and Chur took time out for champagne and chatting to their guests while I captured reportage photographs of their family and friends. Some of the youngest guests were especially keen on the garden games that had been organised for them.

Wedding guests play in grounds.Wedding guests play garden games at wedding reception.

Michi’s mother had made endless metres of bunting for the wedding, using many materials that were familiar from her childhood.  It was strung around the Oaks Farm grounds for drinks and the orangery throughout the day.

Home-made bunting strung around wedding reception in garden.Wedding guest father and baby

We spent about 20 minutes around Oaks Farm for some wedding portraits.

Oaks Farm wedding portraits of bride and groom Oaks Farm wedding portrait groom Oaks Farm wedding portrait of brideOaks Farm wedding portraits of bride and groom Oaks Farm wedding portraits of bride and groom Bride and groom wedding portraits at Oaks Farm

Michi and Chur had spent countless hours working on their details, including a birdy table plan and using a combination of circus-style fonts for signage. Table names had a theme of childhood desserts.

Circus fonts on wedding signs

Chur’s mother put together this array of cakes and wedding cupcakes – teaching herself how to cook and decorate them especially for the occasion.

Home-made wedding cupcakes at Oaks Farm, Surrey

The day had its speeches before the wedding breakfast.

Father of the bride speech at Oaks Farm.Father of the bride speech at Oaks Farm.Father of the bride speech at Oaks Farm.Father of the bride speech at Oaks Farm.

Throughout the meal, Michi’s father kept a close eye on his sleeping grand-daughter.

Grandfather watches over grand-daughter

Chur jokes with his friends – he had written the Chinese part of his speech phonetically so he could read it easily.

Grooms chats with friends

The day was also Chur’s father’s 60th birthday – so it was time for more cake.

Oaks Farm birthday celebrations

Michi’s brother and sister-in-law sang “More than Words” as their contribution to the day.

Brother sings wedding song to bride and groomBrother congratulates bride and groom on marriage.

Oaks Farm wedding | Michi + Chur | A single

Just making it into today – Michi and Chur’s single from their wedding at Oaks Farm in Surrey this afternoon.  They looked amazing and it was fun day with everything from a Chinese tea ceremony to space hoppers. Stay tuned for another post with a full allocation of photographs when they’ve been edited.
Oaks Farm wedding photo of bride and groom

Oaks Farm wedding | Laura + Nick

The Oaks Farm wedding of Laura and Nick very much reflected their personal touches and design industry careers – so style and downright prettiness was the order of the day.

Oaks Farm table decorations and cakeOaks Farm wedding cupcakesOaks Farm wedding rings

Oaks Farm vintage wedding seating plan

Oaks Farm wedding cupcakesOaks farm wedding flowers in mason jars

Nick spent a few minutes making sure he looked his best then it was time to get married to Laura.

Oaks Farm groom waiting for ceremonyOaks Farm wedding ceremonyOaks Farm wedding bride and groom during ceremonyOaks Farm wedding registrarsOaks Farm wedding page at ceremonyOaks Farm wedding coupleOaks Farm wedding ceremonyOaks Farm wedding flowergirl

Oaks Farm bride and groom kiss

The sky was overcast, which meant gentle light for their wedding portraits in the Oaks Farm grounds.

Oaks Farm wedding portrait with tree Oaks Farm apple tree wedding portraitsOaks Farm wedding portraits in autumnOaks Farm wedding black and white couple portraitOaks Farm black and white wedding photo

Oaks Farm wedding couple photo

Their young guests had gone to some effort to look the part …

Oaks Farm flower girl

and after some deep concentration and thought …

Oaks Farm flower girl and pageboy

… produced a bride and groom on-the-spot portrait.

Oaks Farm wedding portrait

After a little more time capturing their guests and reception, I finished with some details of Oaks Farm while Laura, Nick and their guests sat down to dinner.

Oaks Farm garden detailOaks Farm fenceOaks Farm nettles and fenceOaks farm rustic wall

Oaks Farm wedding | Kate and James

I just knew today was going to be fabulous with Kate & James getting married at Oaks Farm. They are so touchingly sweet and real, you just know that their friends and family are going to be similar – and I got to catch up with their friends Rachel and Steven again, whose wedding I photographed some years ago. The day started with Kate & her four bridesmaids getting ready at her mum Sheila’s house – complete with croissants & later sandwiches, so no-one went hungry. Kate looked so beautiful – and her bridesmaids were stunning in their US-inspired dresses. James was bowled over by the way she looked when she arrived at their venue Oaks Farm. Orange and yellow gerberas and a host of bright orchids and other greenery decorated the venue – with a ribbon-tied flower in each guest’s place.
We used the brightness of the day to get some great shots of Kate in the gardens during a lawn reception – as well as some of Kate & James together. After their breakfast and very touching and well-thought-out speeches, they cut their cake and Kate threw her bouquet. Despite worrying that it could injure one of her female guests, it didn’t – and a VERY delighted bridesmaid caught it!

PHOTOS: Kate in the gardens; Kate disappearing when I was going some portraits of her and James; Kate is presented with a new bouquet made from place setting flowers; the cake – looking cool in the heat; Kate shares a moment with her grandad; Kate & James; a very excited bridesmaid, centre, catches Kate’s bouquet; her boyfriend is on the far right.