London engagement portrait | Mel & Ed

Catching up on photographs I’ve taken in the last couple of weeks, so here are Mel & Ed’s London engagement portrait session taken one morning. They very kindly agreed to get up very early for wonderful light – and weren’t disappointed, despite the 7am start.London engagement portraits
London engagement portraits in Richmond
When the sun was a little higher in the sky, we visited this muddy track.
Richmond engagement portraits
London engagement portraits
After a very short while, storm clouds were gathering and there was a very bright, direct kind of sunlight that happens just before heavy rain against heavy skies. It gave us a great opportunity for this portrait. We were quick, thankfully, as the light died minutes later.
London pre-wedding shoot
Our last stop was in Richmond, because Ed loves the village green. As we found parking and his favourite haunts, it became clear that he navigates by pubs. This has been proven to be an entirely valid navigation method, as is navigation via cake shops (my preferred choice!) In honour of Ed, we had to take some photographs in this aptly named street … alongside a chocolate shop … something more for Mel.
London engagement portraits near chocolate shop

It’s going to be exciting working with them both in Cornwall next month for their wedding.

London engagement portraits | Clapham | Zara and Jamie

Zara and Jamie chose the location for their London engagement portraits, in readiness for their wedding in July. They found the perfect street name near their Clapham home, about four streets away from where I used to live many years ago.London engagement portraits - matrimony place
Alongside the lane was a park with wonderfully hewn wooden furniture. This bench was beautiful for its shape … and could be symbolic of their journey through life together.
London engagement portraits - Clapham
Ooh, vintage street lamps and iron railings.
London location engagement portraits
Then we moved into the adjacent graveyard, which suited Zara and Jamie’s gothic roots.
London engagement portraits in graveyard
Zara is ticklish, apparently…
London engagement portraits in graveyard
… and looks fabulous with her hood up.
London engagement portraits in graveyard
Jamie had individual portraits as well in the last of the warm afternoon sun.
London engagement portraits
Awww, aren’t they just so lovely together! Can’t wait to shoot their wedding!
Gothic London engagement portraits

London engagement portraits | Jayne and Andrew

Jayne and Andrew are getting married on Valentine’s Day, so in readiness for that, we scheduled a London engagement portrait session at one of their favourite outdoor places – Hampstead Heath.
We started with some photographs of them in the landscape.
London engagement portraits at Kenwood House, Hampstead
Then we took some closer in – Andrew chose this fabulous spot.
Outdoor engagement portraits in London
As we walked around, we loved this skyline.
London location engagement portraits
We also took some individual portraits, some with trees and some of Jayne and Andrew in a lookout.
London engagement portraits taken on location
London engagement portraits taken on location
Really looking forward to Valentines Day!

London engagement portraits | Islington | Helen and Richard

I’m photographing Helen & Richard’s wedding in December, and we recently did their London engagement portraits around Islington, where they like to spend time at weekends.

We found some magical places for their portraits that none of us had been to previously.

We especially sought out buildings to use as backdrops because Richard is an architect.

We found a sidestreet to park in … along with this fabulously distressed doorway.

And finished outside Ottolenghi – one of their favourite eateries; I wasn’t complaining – not with its window display of meringues and stunning fairy cakes.

London engagement portraits | Emily & Richard

Emily and Richard are getting married in November and we recently photographed their engagement session (carefully arranged so as not to interfere with the footy season).
They’re such a lovely couple and we shot around the studio area, ending up at a side door of one of the local noodle bars, which really worked.

We didn’t really draw on the wall, honest!