Westminster Register Office | Reception Room | A single

One of the sweetest things about Sophie and Aelred’s wedding at the Westminster Register Office Reception Room was them holding hands throughout the ceremony. Sophie looked amazing in her vintage dress with red velvet ribbon trim … but you’ll have to wait until the full blog post to see her and her handsome Aelred. Westminster Register Office Reception Room

Caroline + Paul | Westminster Register Office | A Single

Caroline and Paul’s wedding at Westminster Register Office’s Reception Room today had a heart-stopping moment for their best man Charles.  As he went to hand over their rings, he found they had interlocked, with Caroline’s ring fitting exactly inside Paul’s and he was nervous that pulling them apart could damage either or both of them. Thankfully, after a few seconds, the rings separated and Caroline and Paul were able to complete their marriage ceremony.  Charles also gave a stonkingly good speech after lunch, covering among other things Paul’s support of Chelsea Football Club and associated celery throwing.  Apparently, Paul doesn’t just throw celery – he throws organic celery – and yes, it is from THAT supermarket.
Westminster Register Office Reception Room wedding kiss