London wedding photos | Reform Club | Lisa and Alan

Hibiscus flowers coloured the champagne today of Lisa and Alan to celebrate their wedding. They arrived at Westminster Register Office ready for their morning ceremony ahead of time. Lisa’s dress was made by her friend Allison Rodger and looked stunning. Her orchid bouquet was arranged by her sister-in-law Marion and she had iced a cake with wonderful details – just right for their eight guests and themselves at the Reform Club, where Alan has been a member for more than 20 years.

When head registrar Alison Cathcart handed over the wedding certificate to Lisa, she said she had something for Alan too … Lisa’s bouquet, which had been next to the register for its signing (not quite what he was expecting!)

Once outside, their family and friends threw heart-shaped confetti, with Lisa’s brother David waiting to check the wind direction before throwing his handful so it exactly hit the couple. We photographed some portraits including the girls and the boys.

Lisa, Alan and their guests travelled to the Reform Club in a limo.

Once there, everyone was offered a very special drink: Lisa had found bottled hibiscus flowers which were placed in the bottom of the glasses, ready for champagne. When the drink was added, it turned pink and made the flower uncurl.

Lisa, Alan and their guests had their wedding breakfast in a room with an eclectic mix of books.