Katrina’s senior portraits

Katrina came to the studio this afternoon for her senior portraits to go in her Vermont high school year book. We took some photographs in the studio and also went outside for some environmental portraits. She’s such easy company to have around and looks just fabulous.

London family portraits – Mimi and family

Ros, David, Mimi and Dora came into the studio today for their first sitting as a family of four. Dora is four months old and just adorable – she smiles if you get up very close to her face or in a mirror. Mimi is a bundle of fun too – with great dress sense. We started with Ros playing ‘flying baby’, Mimi being tipped upside by her dad, stopped for a break while Dora had an early lunch then Mimi did some drawing. She was wearing brand new pink shoes – the only colour she would even contemplate when in the shoe shop yesterday!