London South Bank wedding photo | Natasha and Christopher | A single

Here is a south bank wedding photo from Natasha and Christopher’s day yesterday.  They had their wedding ceremony at Westminster Register Office, with them each reading out poems they had composed about each other.  Given the dull and damp weather, we headed for the lights (& mulled wine) of the German Christmas market for some London South Bank wedding photos – and here is a single from their merry-go-round ride. They were both complete sports, with Natasha, originally from Russia, learning the meaning of goose bumps. London South Bank wedding photos

South Bank Centre wedding | Helen & Mattie | A single

I’m not going to say much because I’m so tired I’m almost dribbling … except that here is one from Helen and Mattie’s wedding a few hours ago. It features the South Bank Centre’s distinctive 1951 net and ball carpet designed by Peter Moro and Leslie Martin, which Helen and Mattie very much like.
wedding couple with south bank centre net and ball carpet

London engagement portraits | Ruth and Bruce | A single

Ruth and Bruce are getting married in nine weeks, so we spent a few hours yesterday afternoon on their central London engagement portraits. Our meandering took us past the restaurant where they had one of their first dates and where Bruce proposed. I’ll post a selection of their images later in the week, but for now, here is a single from their session.
London engagement portraits

Engagement portraits on London’s South Bank

I had the pleasure of meeting clients Becky & Tom today, who are getting married early in February. Their fave London bridge is Waterloo, so we met there for their engagement portrait session, wandering up to Covent Garden. By this time, the sun was disappearing so we needed other light sources for our shoot. I asked if they were up for the merry-go-round and … you can see the results.

We also sorted out some other spots for “playtime” on the day of their wedding. We’re planning on revisiting Waterloo Bridge and Covent Garden, which is just near their reception venue. I should probably explain that “playtime” is a term for when clients and I find spots with good light and background. They get centre stage where they can be directed or sometimes they just pretend that I’m not even there. It’s usually great fun for all of us and we get some special images.