Scorrier House wedding | Mel and Ed

Mel and Ed’s Scorrier House wedding was very special – Scorrier House is her family home as well as being a Cornish wedding and event venue. We had our wet weather plan ready for photographs, but were able to stay with plan A, including some fabulous light for their portraits in the house’s own bluebell dell.Scorrier House wedding bride getting ready
Mel’s father checks the day’s packed racing calendar before he dressed in the suit and tie he wore on his wedding day.
Scorrier House wedding - father of bride
Preparations are carefully watched by family pets.
Scorrier House wedding - lurcher
I couldn’t resist photographing these riding boots.
Mel looked amazing when she arrived with her father at their local church.
Scorrier House bride and father arrive at church wedding
There were a number of young guests.
Scorrier House wedding young guest
Mel and Ed sneak a quick kiss before signing the register, watched by Mel’s sister.
Scorrier Church wedding register signing
Mel and Ed have a moment upon arrival at Scorrier House.
Scorrier House wedding bride and groom with vintage car
As soon as they had glasses of champagne, we went to the bluebells to catch the light before the weather turned overcast for the rest of the afternoon.
Scorrier House wedding couple in bluebells
The speeches took place in the wonderful main hall and steps of Scorrier House before the meal.
Mel’s father was first.
Scorrier House wedding speeches
While he and Ed spoke, the best man had a last-minute perusal of his speech.
Scorrier House wedding speeches
Ed’s nephews listened carefully.
Scorrier House wedding speeches
And the best man was finally on.
Scorrier House wedding speeches

Oaks Farm wedding | Kate and James

I just knew today was going to be fabulous with Kate & James getting married at Oaks Farm. They are so touchingly sweet and real, you just know that their friends and family are going to be similar – and I got to catch up with their friends Rachel and Steven again, whose wedding I photographed some years ago. The day started with Kate & her four bridesmaids getting ready at her mum Sheila’s house – complete with croissants & later sandwiches, so no-one went hungry. Kate looked so beautiful – and her bridesmaids were stunning in their US-inspired dresses. James was bowled over by the way she looked when she arrived at their venue Oaks Farm. Orange and yellow gerberas and a host of bright orchids and other greenery decorated the venue – with a ribbon-tied flower in each guest’s place.
We used the brightness of the day to get some great shots of Kate in the gardens during a lawn reception – as well as some of Kate & James together. After their breakfast and very touching and well-thought-out speeches, they cut their cake and Kate threw her bouquet. Despite worrying that it could injure one of her female guests, it didn’t – and a VERY delighted bridesmaid caught it!

PHOTOS: Kate in the gardens; Kate disappearing when I was going some portraits of her and James; Kate is presented with a new bouquet made from place setting flowers; the cake – looking cool in the heat; Kate shares a moment with her grandad; Kate & James; a very excited bridesmaid, centre, catches Kate’s bouquet; her boyfriend is on the far right.