Wedding albums

Have your wedding photographs professionally designed and bound into an heirloom album.


Professional design

Your wedding photographs will be professionally designed and bound to tell the story of your wedding day with all the emotion, moments and details.


Create a keepsake

Your linen or leather-bound album is a beautiful and traditional heirloom to enjoy at birthdays and family gatherings.



You can have same size or smaller duplicate albums made to share with guests, parents and other family so they have their own memories of the day.

Helping memories come to life


What is going to happen to your wedding photos? Will they sit on a disc or USB in the drawer or on a laptop that may be moved to the garage when an upgraded model arrives? How often will you look at them as digital files? Now imagine that they are in a professionally designed album, with your favourites bigger than the others, edited to make the most of each photograph and grouped to tell your wedding day story and all the mini-stories within that. You have approved the design and perhaps swapped a couple of photographs around but not had the headache of figuring out design software and then making hundreds of decisions on what to put in or leave out, how to mix vertical and horizontal images and how to balance space and busyness – the last thing you want after a host of wedding planning decisions. It has a classic linen or leather cover and a selection of your photographs are displayed over up to 20 double-pages, each one telling the story of a particular part of the day, grouped for maximum impact and meaning. Photographs are cropped and displayed in classic black and white and colour to show them at their best.

2018 wedding album pricing

Wedding album cover materials


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