My local cafe & deli, Verdi, is having a web site put together. Today, I took some exterior images of the cafe and some of the food it serves, which will be added to the site before it goes live. One of the delightful things about doing this is getting to eat a delicious meal after it’s been prepared & photographed … as well as one of Besa’s yummy cappuccinos.
Verdi’s owners and staff are like a meeting of the United Nations – they all seem to come from different countries and backgrounds. The food is good, but what I love about going there is being around such friendly people, who know their regular customers. I’ve photographed them all and put their images on the walls. The only difficult thing is trying to avoid the Byron Bay cookies and desserts.

PS The whale pictured in my last post died a few hours after the photograph was taken.

Today’s music: Cosi fan tutte (Mozart) on BBC Radio 3 live from the Met (New York’s Metropolitan Opera) with Thomas Allen & Magdalena Kozena.