I don’t know what’s taken me so long to get to Borough Market, but I went for the first time in about five years today. It was amazingly crowded – but good to fun to meet friends there in need of burgers – lamb, falafel, chicken, chorizo – and pretty much every other kind you could imagine – after a night of birthday celebrations. There’s lots of organic produce: fruit, vege, meat, fish, bread, coffee and extras such as olives and chutneys. While waiting near a meat seller, we were close to a headless deer, birds and a few rabbits hanging on the wall. In a few minutes, the reactions of passers-by ranged from saying the deer was ghastly without its head, to others aiming their camera for a very tight close-up.

Below are Helen, who celebrates her birthday tomorrow (Monday) with a visit to Ireland, her boyfriend Tom and post-hangover food – a wrap and very large brownies.