I haven’t been to Columbia Road for months, so went today to make the most of the clear autumn weather. It’s a great place to take your dog – this puppy is 14 weeks old (I didn’t ask the age of her owners).Columbia Road flower market dog
Columbia Road ‘regulars’ – these three dalmations – were very keen to meet their fans.
Columbia Road flower market dogs
Heaps of people were taking it really easy, listening to a guitarist and eating from the local bakeries.
Columbia Road flower market guitarist
The flower stalls had a number of cabbage plant flowers (well, think that’s what they are) in new colours. Columbia Road flower market
Unfortunately, it was also the day I found out that SB Evans & Sons has moved from its Ezra Street shop to Norfolk. The shop has been there for at least 15 years – ever since I started visiting. Perhaps it was just inevitable that they would one day run out of room, but it was still a wrench to see the garden and beautiful glazes and terra cotta replaced by a bed shop.