Everywoman’s sixth London conference took place today and it was a blast. I’m not sure how many women were there – perhaps 300? – but it was a very, very packed day. We heard how St Tropez tanning became such a success story, making millions for the woman who pushed it. She worked extremely hard promoting it, but it wasn’t until the Vogue beauty editor tried the tan and celebrities endorsed it, that it finally took off. Minister of State, Department of Trade and Industry Minister Margaret Hodge spoke of balancing life with four children and being a politician, popping in before the Queens Speech in parliament.

A marketing masterclass later in the day involved four panelists including PR specialist Jackie Cooper. Her company has Dove as a client, which produced a video about making over a woman. It shows the make-up, photography and then Photoshop work which can go into creating an image to promote beauty products. I’ve seen it mentioned on at least two forums which I visit regularly – and apparently is the only commercially produced video to appear in the youtube top 10. The video certainly has generated a huge amount of on-line discussion -just in what I’ve seen.

One of the favourite things I heard all day came from executive coach Hilary Wilson, quoting former Chrysler chairman Bob Eaton, about his ability to make anyone he speaks to feel as if they are the only person in the room. When asked how he achieved that, he said he went into every conversation with the thought: “What can I learn here?” I like the sound of him. She closed with the Mahatma Ghandi quote: “Be the change you seek in the world”.