I’ve been dancing tango for possibly about a year now (with a break in the middle) and have just bought my first pair of tango shoes. They’re Comme il Faut shoes, which are just beautiful and incredibly high. I wasn’t sure how they would handle an evening of dancing, but tried them out in two lessons last night, only removing them for the practica afterwards; two-inch heels on my regular dance shoes seemed to be like wearing trainers!
The upside of the shoes is that you can feel the floor incredibly well through the thin soles, so it’s easier to be connected to it and my regular tango partner said the new shoes made me much easier to turn – so suddenly he’s very interested in shoes too! I don’t find them that easy to walk in – and probably would have shorter shoes in an ideal world – but love the way they make me stand. The shoe bag also is split into two, with each shoe in its own compartment so the sharp heels can’t scratch.