I received an email this morning from my friend Michelle who had tried to add a comment to the blog & not been able to sign in, so sent it to me anyway. I’m really touched.

“CONGRATULATIONS on your amazing win. I still remember the day, probably about 12 years ago now, when you announced on a cold wintry day, “I’m gong to be a wedding photographer.” No training (at that point), no experience, no nothing. And bygod you did it! Am full of admiration for your following your dreams – stepping off the treadmill to do that is so rare nowadays.
Your pix are amazing – am only sorry you didn’t shoot my wedding in Sydney.


Michelle has a great memory (was it really cold?) and I am sorry that I didn’t shoot her wedding. She was the person who originally took me along to a modern jive lesson and taught me that chocolate fudge cakes can benefit from a minute or so in the microwave before having a dollop of ice-cream put on top. We originally met because a mutual friend in Australia thought we might get along. We had both worked at the same Queensland newspaper doing the same job and when Michelle came to the UK, the mutual friend put us in touch. Michelle has gone on to do great things in Aussie magazines.