I spent yesterday at a lighting workshop with Paul White, a fashion and portrait photographer who also photographs a limited number of weddings – and about 16 other photographers. We worked with a number of different lighting set-ups for varying styles and portability and some of us had new headshots taken. It’s given me some new ideas and skills which I can’t wait to use in the studio.

In the evening, I worked with two other photographers on a 40th birthday party at the Globe Theatre on the South Bank. EVERYTHING was beautifully done – from the waitresses, who had wonderful costumes, hair, make-up and beads to the underground party space that was filled with huge white balloons, drapes and statues. Guests started the evening wearing a stunning array of carnival masks at a drinks reception. A crowd of onlookers gathered in the late afternoon’s golden light to watch the glamorous arrivals ushered in – there were lots of blacked out windows, personalised number plates and a blonde diva in a red dress singing arias from an overhead balcony. Guests entered the Globe’s open-air theatre to watch a team of improvisational actors including Stephen Frost create a musical theatre story around the birthday ‘boy’ and his passion for cars.

The evening then split into three levels of partying with an oyster bar, gambling and cocktails, before guests were invited into the underground space for drumming and two wonderfully elegant and lithe women on red aerial silks.

When they were finished, non-stop music started with one band, segued into another funkier one and the live music finished with Lamar. I’d only vaguely heard of him previously, but he was a really great performer & the swapping between musicians was very slick. The evening continued with DJ Spooney and in the early hours, the waiters and waitresses brought out trays of chicken kebabs in paper wrappers. By the end of the night, I was pretty much flagging and tried what looked like a hot donut ‘hole’ with chocolate sauce and a glass of champagne – an amazing combination!

I can’t wait to see the edited collection of photographs from three photographers and the albums they are going to make! Unfortunately, I don’t have permission to post them here, but it will still an amazing night.