I’ve just had a long dance-based weekend in Manchester – the first time I’ve been there in more than 10 years. A friend was DJing at a modern jive event on the Saturday night so there was decent music guaranteed and some wonderful dancers. The emphasis at this event seemed to be moves rather than musical interpretation (like the venues I usually go to), which was a change. I realised that I’ve probably become a “niche” dancer who enjoys “playing” rather than knowing lots of moves.
Part of Monday was spent in Chester before a modern jive lesson and dance night. I’ve fallen in love with a solid dark wooden table in a shop called Batavia (although a shared chocolate muffin with chocolate sauce, cream & ice-cream earlier in the afternoon came a close second). The two or three-storey Tudor buildings in the central shopping area are full of independent shops rather than high street chains – bliss – and Christmas lights were still twinkling.

Manchester city centre’s modern shopping district escaped me on this visit … so I may just have to go back.