… you can’t imagine how you ever lived with dial-up. I’ve been in my new apartment and studio for more than a month now and still don’t have broadband. I won’t go into details here, but let’s just say that I’m very, very familiar with the dulcet tones of Michael Buble because he seems to be the singer of choice while the company has me on hold. Hopefully, a new modem will mean that I have connection before the weekend. When I’m on, blogging will be easier … and I might get over my Buble aversion.

Last night, the tango continued. We had a neat class of five couples (luck, more than good management), with two hours of practica afterwards, to try out what we’ve learned. Consolidation was hugely helpful, although many of the couples who were just there for the practica are so far ahead of us with their skills, we could have just sat and watched. I was looking enviously at a pair of bronzed animal print shoes and two red pairs, but have made up my mind that a pair of purple tango shoes are the way to go, possibly in suede.

Work has been hectic in the last couple of weeks. Sophie & Stewart got married at Shuttleworth House, Old Wardens Park in Biggleswade and they very sportingly agreed to climb a twisty black fire escape so that I could photograph them against the house. They also had the first cheesecake (which they cut) as their wedding cake. It literally, was rounds of cheese, with a bride & groom on top – and Sophie & Stewart said there was some left after their honeymoon … and it was still delicious.

The following day, Ranak & Paul married in two ceremonies at Gibson Hall – a civil ceremony and a Hindu one. Both of them looked amazing in Indian outfits and the Hindu ceremony was especially fun with many of family and friends throwing puffed rice at several points to wish them well.

At many of the weddings I attend, guests photograph me, or at least they say they do. Many also promise they will send me a copy. Well, this week, I received email copies of TWO photographs of myself at Ranak & Paul’s wedding from Mahendra Raval which said very simply that he was keeping his promise to me. It was a real thrill to receive them.

I’ve also spent the past couple of weeks working on new images and slideshows for my website. After a couple more weeks, we should be back on-line, which will be great. I’m also trialing new software to enable my wedding couples to email their friends and family a small slideshow of their wedding images.