A light went on at tonight’s tango lesson. The most gentle, patient man called KG taught tonight – about eight of us are having lessons until the end of this month on Monday nights with him. We were learning cross steps and I was trying to understand when you change weight (with your feet). He said you change weight when you take a step. That’s it – that’s the secret, light bulb moment. With a number of partners including my friend Clive, we used this little gem with a cross step (where either your right or your left foot crosses over the other, then takes your weight, so the other is free to step backwards). We wove this into backward and forward ochos (pivot steps) and other general walking. KG also suggested that I keep my weight more forward and again, this was a huge help with balance & feeling connected to my partner.

A friend texted me at the weekend, suggesting I put “tango” and “chill” into itunes and listen to the results. Boy – fantastic stuff – about three albums. I’ve bought one of them already. That was a very expensive text to receive!

I signed yet more paperwork for my apartment today, in readiness for an expected completion later this week. It’s been such a long time coming that I almost can’t believe that I’m going to move.