Friday night and yesterday were spent with members of the Digital Wedding Forum, mentioned a week or so ago. We had a London day with four seminars from three US photographers, one Aussie one – David A Williams – and Gordon McGowan, from Scotland. Gordon was showing how he poses brides and grooms – many of his poses for this year are inspired from “Strictly Come Dancing”. The Friday night was a great chance to chat to David (with his special Pomeranian joke welcome), Jerry Ghionis, who welcomed me to come along on two weddings a couple of years ago when I was in Melbourne, David Beckstead, who describes his photographic style as being very loose and too many UK photographers to even try to remember. A highlight was meeting Ulysses, from New York state, who is one of the forum moderators and comes across as being such a honey – and he was in real life. Someone took a photograph of the two of us – and can’t wait to see it. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough time to meet everyone, which was a real shame.

One of the highlights was being able to say to forum head Jeff Caplan, who was celebrating his birthday on Friday, that we have more than enough people to go ahead with a creativity group as part of the forum. I’d asked in a post if anyone was interested in supporting each other as we read “The Artist’s Way” – a book about developing your creativity. There was a huge response and one thing led to another and somewhere in the next couple of weeks, we’re going to have a subforum for The Artist’s Way. It’s just amazing how many people have read the book and would like to return to it, or would like support while reading it. Jeff is really keen to get behind it.