In the last month or so, at the suggestion of a friend, I’ve joined the Greenwich Freecycle group. It’s set up so I get a daily email of people offering things for free to others who may need them and also requests for items they need. It’s great for helping to watch the pennies and keeps things out of landfill.

Last week, someone requested travel books on a couple of countries – and I was able to help out with one. A lovely lady on a bike collected it (the deal is usually that the recipient collects it at a time convenient to the giver). I’ve been thinking of offering my fish and its tank – so did this week – the request asked for a caring home for the fish. There was an immediate response from three or four people and the first ones (the ones who got it) was a family, where it would be a surprise for their son.

Well, the family: mum, dad, baby and the son, who seemed about four, just came to collect it. The little boy looked so excited and it seems to have gone to a very loving home. If it hadn’t gone to them, there were a few other families offering it a new lifestyle … including one which was just so terribly touching. One woman said that if my fish still needed a good home, she could give him one with some young goldfish of hers. He would be looked after and in the summer he would go outside in the pond until the winter. Wow – I hope her fish realise how very lucky they are – that sounds so idyllic. There are indeed some fabulously caring people in the world.