I love dancing and have done modern jive for a number of years, but somehow I became bored with it and hadn’t been for a month or two. So, as an attempt to get back into partner dancing another way, I tried Argentine tango last night. It was fab. The lesson was all about connection and technique, lead and follow (with the guy leading and the woman following, although we tried it the other way around to check how it felt). Then, the friend I went with and a couple of others I know from modern jive had a dance afterwards, using some of the steps that I’d learned at a modern jive/tango fusion Jango. Again, this was fab. The dance is very much about a connection between two people, sensing where they are (where their weight is) and leading or following on from that. Now, if all conversations started with the same opening (finding where your partner is coming from) and worked as hard at maintaining that connection, we’d possibly be a lot better off.
My friend Clive has promised to sort me out with evenings where I can learn steps as well as technique (last night was very much a kind of vertical pilates lesson, but much more fun). I’m really looking forward to more tango. Yum.