Wallpaper* magazine’s February edition says that there are 10,000 artists living in East London with 120 galleries. That’s an awful lot of art. Thought I might take a walk through some of the area around Victoria Park at the weekend to see if I can find one or two of the galleries.
The magazine also listed its yearly awards. The ones which won me were the best bed – “Rea” by Chi Wing Lo for Giorgetti – with a wing-backed headboard that curves around at the sides like an old-fashioned arm-chair. Apparently the headboard can be covered in velvet – yum! The other award which also won my vote was best domestic appliance, won by “Rainsky”. Gone are the days of shower heads – this is a panel where you can control the amount, strength and pattern of waterfall as well as “fragrance, gentle mist and light sequences”. Its web site, though, says that it does not comply with US or Canadian building regulations; I don’t know why – perhaps conservation of water?

Today’s fave music: Eartha Kitt “Sell Me” on Green Lounge radio