Dulwich Picture Gallery last night launched a fascinating exhibition called “What Are You Like?” In a collaboration with The House of Illustration, 45 public figures have contributed a kind of self-portrait based on illustrating eight of their favourite things from a list of 12: animal, book, clothes, comfort, food, pastime, place, possession, music, shoes, weather and pet aversion (the thing they dislike rather than something furry or feathered.)

Contributors include Quentin Blake, Andrew Marr, Brian Eno and Eric Clapton. Here are some photographs from the night, starting with Jan Pienkowski, who illustrated the Meg & Mog books.

Fashion designer Margaret Howell

Illustrator Bruce Ingman

The second photograph details Bruce’s late addition to the illustration – a glass of champagne for having completed it, which apparently missed going into the catalogue. Bruce and I share a liking for Brian Sewell’s art critiques, TV show Grand Designs and big sofas.

Charlie & Lola creator Lauren Child

Illustrator Joe Berger with his work. Bristol-based Joe’s favourite ‘posessions’ are his wife and three children, who he asked to draw themselves. His daughter Matilda drew herself very much in the style of Lauren Child – so Joe was very keen that Lauren knew he hadn’t plagarised her work.

Joe’s book in the DPG shop.

Brian Eno in the bookshop.

I loved the collection & want to return so I can have a much better look. Also, I very much liked the web sites of some of the illustrators.