Since getting back from Chicago, there’s been a lot of time spent at my desk on client work and planning for next year. I like working with music on in the background and sometimes like digital radio stations, but this week have mostly been listening to Live365 web radio stations Tango Evolution and Radio Buenos Aires as well as long-time favourite Green Lounge. There’s some very, very cool music on all three, with Gotan Project featuring heavily on Radio Buenos Aires. I also love Pandora’s customised station, but the customisation can be distracting unless it has my full attention.

There’s going to be a third strand of photography added to the existing two of portraits and weddings. I’ll work on this one day a week for the remainder of this year and expect to unveil it in 2007. It’s going to be a lot of work and goes into unchartered waters a great deal, but is very exciting.