I’ve just edited Vicki and Dave’s engagement photographs from York. We went there because this is where many of their dates have been, with Dave living about an hour outside it and Vicki living in Bedford.
Because I don’t know the area, I asked for advice from a couple of colleagues in the area about the best places to go and they spent quite a bit of time pointing us in the right direction. That was incredibly helpful.

We started off in the centre of York with a doorway I’d found and loved while doing a bit of shopping.

York engagement portraits

I emailed Vicki at 1am today with a link to her and Dave’s photos – and had a reply at 2am saying how happy she was with them and would be going to bed with a smile on her face.
“Thank you so much for the link. I can only say “WOW”! You have done a fantastic job in capturing the essence of our session, especially “where’s wally in little shambles?” I loved the whole thing, whenever I look at those taken at the York Minster, I can’t helped but giggle.”

I was so chuffed she liked how they had been captured.

York engagement portrait

This was another portrait taken just off The Shambles.
York engagement portraits
Then we moved to York Minster, where Dave decided to pick up Vicki, taking her completely off guard. He’s so naughty!
York engagement portrait - outside York Minster
After Vicki had had a chance to catch her breath, we used the minster as a backdrop for individual and together portraits.
York engagement portrait near York Minster
York Minster engagement portraits

York pre-wedding portraits

We then used some ruins as a backdrop for what turned out to be our final portraits before the weather stopped being threatening and started raining properly.

York engagement portraits - in ruins
York art engagement portraits